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SpiderTech Launches Retail Distribution Campaign at Outdoor Retailer

SpiderTech Launches Retail Distribution Campaign at Outdoor Retailer


Heather Price

Sales and Marketing Coordinator


SpiderTech Launches Retail Distribution Campaign at Outdoor Retailer

Boise, Idaho (July 27, 2012) – SpiderTech, a leading Kinesiology Tape brand, has officially launched their product line in to select retailers. SpiderTech pioneered the concept of pre-cut, body specific, shapes called ‘Spiders’ allowing for easy and correct application. SpiderTech was previously only available from physical therapists and physicians, but is now available widely at retail and online.As kinesiology tape has grown from, “what is that colored tape” seen on elite athletes to a widely used therapy tool, SpiderTech has continued to evolve their product line of pre-cuts, power strips and X-Spiders.SpiderTech’s retail expansion will meet the growing demand of consumers in this sector. To coincide with the retail launch, SpiderTech offered consumers a one-time free trial offer available exclusively from Each consumer who participated will receive a complimentary 2-pack of the Universal X-Spider.“Within the first 4 days of launching the program, we received over 75,000 sample requests, over 120 retailers inquires about selling our product and hundreds of general health questions about SpiderTech,” says Ray Arbesman, Founder of SpiderTech. “Elite and Olympic athletes have long known the benefits of SpiderTech, especially cyclists, as seen by the leaders in the Tour de France and Amgen Tour of California. You will see more athletes using our products in London this year, too. People are using SpiderTech regularly for performance, pain management and recovery, so it’s not limited to professional athletes.”See the full line and learn more about SpiderTech and receive a sample at their ORSM Booth in front of the South Entrance to the Salt Palace.SpiderTech is the proud sponsor of Team SpiderTech powered by C10, a North American based professional continental cycling team. SpiderTech also sponsors numerous Olympic athletes including: Dotsie Bausch (USA, track cycling), Simon Whitfield (CAN, triathlon), Paula Findley (CAN, triathlon) and Adam Van Koeverden (CAN, rowing).  See more at

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About SpiderTech

SpiderTech is a unique pre-engineered, precut and easy to apply kinesiology tape. Chosen by professional athletes, chiropractors, physical therapists and trainers- SpiderTech’s snap, peel and stick spider applications are pre-shaped with easy to follow tape-by-numbers directions making them easy to apply by anyone. SpiderTech is distributed to 21 countries worldwide.