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Spirit Fitness Releases New Fitness Bikes

Spirit Fitness has released their newest XBR fitness bikes with a sleek and stylish new look.

Spirit Fitness has released their newest XBR fitness bikes with a sleek and stylish new look.

“We knew that the comfort and convenience of the 2012 XBR bikes was already superb, so we wanted to continue to use that foundation, but update the design to make the experience even better,” said Spirit Fitness Product Manager, Daniel Finn.

The XBR bikes come equipped with convenient squeeze-grip handles, used to adjust the fore/aft seat position and recline the backrest (XBR55 & XBR95).

Whether it is a cell phone, car or fitness equipment, users want to be able to quickly use it and obtain the information that is important to them. Keeping this in mind, Spirit Fitness made sure the bright blue LCD screen displayed all critical feedback users would need, along with LED’s that show muscle activation and heart rate % profile.

“We want to make the units as informative as possible, and remove any obstacles that discourage people from achieving their fitness goals,” Finn said, “and one of the main obstacles is boredom.”

Another great feature can be found on the XBR95 fitness bike. The XBR95 generates its own power as you pedal. So there is no need to restrict placement to an area near an electrical outlet. This will allow users to put the unit exactly where they want it in their homes.

“Overall we believe the 2013 XBR series is a great new round of products. We are eager for users to dramatically increase their odds of reaching their fitness goals,” Finn said.

About Spirit Fitness
Spirit Fitness offers a wide range of fitness equipment for both commercial and residential use, such as treadmills, elliptical and fitness bikes. Spirit has been producing fitness equipment for nearly 30 years with a simple goal of giving their customers the highest quality fitness equipment to help them achieve their fitness goals.