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Spyder Creates VIP Parking Spot for Low Efficiency Vehicle

Spyder Creates VIP Parking Spot for Low Efficiency Vehicle. Parking Space Utilizes Five Slots

BOULDER, COLO. – In an effort to be fair to both sides of the fuel-efficiency spectrum, Spyder designated a parking space in front of its Denver showroom, named Battery 621, for snowcat vehicles. The space already is in use by a snowcat recently retired from Monarch Mountain.

“We applaud businesses for assigning parking spots for hybrid cars, motorcycles, and bikes, but we wanted to represent the underdogs, to be a champion for the rigs that no one’s speaking out for,” said Russ Rowan, Spyder’s VP of global sales and marketing. “It takes carpooling to another level.”

The black snowcat has a nine-foot blade, effective as a safety bumper and for cleaning the streets of Denver. Powered by diesel, the 15,000 pound machine gets comparatively decent gas mileage.

The current snowcat took its place in front of the building located on 6th and Kalamath on June 9. There’s no announcement on when the vehicle’s driver will return to open the spot for other snowcats to use.

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