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Star Trac Announces Status as Sole Global MYE Entertainment Distributo

Star Trac has solidified its status as the fastest growing company in commercial fitness as the company announced its status as the only global MYE Entertainment distributors in North America.

Star Trac has solidified its status as the fastest growing company in commercial fitness as the company announced its status as the only global MYE Entertainment distributor in North America.

Star Trac is aggressively supporting its relationship with MYE. Effective Sept. 4, Star Trac has hired three individuals exclusively to sell and develop the MYE system in all markets. This step furthers the partnership Star Trac announced with MYE in March 2007 (

”MYE utilizes technology to make workouts more enjoyable for individuals, and Star Trac is committed to providing the tools for people to enjoy active, healthy lifestyles,” said Randy Bergstedt, vice president of marketing for Star Trac. “If people can enjoy MYE technology while exercising, we believe they’ll keep coming back for more. Regular exercise habits are not just profitable for the fitness club owner, but healthy and beneficial for the user, which is truly the foundation of Star Trac’s mission.”

The hiring of three employees to focus solely on MYE means increased support for Star Trac’s customers’ entertainment needs. Subsequently, some MYE technologies will be designed specifically for integration into Star Trac equipment. MYE Entertainment LLC, led by President Tony Garcia, will be the primary creative force behind the products and will own the MYE Entertainment name and brand. Star Trac’s new in-house sales force includes Andrea Garvey, Kathy Mitchell-Guthrie, and Lee Guthrie, who will be servicing MYE Entertainment and Star Trac customers.

“This allows us to be more aggressive with future product opportunities,” said Bergstedt. “This agreement solidifies our base of products in entertainment and gives us the foundation to launch additional new products in the future. We have big plans.”

About Star Trac
Star Trac offers a complete line of user-focused cardiovascular and strength equipment including Impact Strengthâ„¢ with LockNLoadâ„¢ technology, the Instinctâ„¢ Circuit Programâ„¢, and the new E Series treadmills, bikes, steppers and total body
trainers with SelectFit™, featuring Made for iPod® and USB connectivity and user-controlled cooling fans. In addition, the company offers the HumanSport™ line of dual functional cable-based strength training equipment, and a full free weight line. The company is also partnered with Mad Dogg Athletics, the creators of Spinning®, as the manufacturer for all three Spinner® bikes including the groundbreaking Spinner® NXT. More than 3 million people in over 70 countries use Star Trac exercise equipment daily. For more information about Star Trac call 1-800-228-6635 or visit

About MYE Entertainment
MYE Entertainment is a California-based company specializing in the development of state of the art fitness entertainment products and technologies. MYE Entertainment was formed by leading fitness entertainment industry veterans with more than 15 years experience and responsible for the majority of fitness entertainment product currently in the market. MYE Entertainment offers a complete line of unique open architecture fitness entertainment products, with worldwide compatibility, including the MYE Netpulse Fitness Download Station, FitP3 digital audio players and today’s best fitness training programs, the Netpulse N4i Broadband Entertainment System, Personal LCD TV viewing systems, Wireless 900MHz, 800MHz and FM TV systems and ambient music services. For more information visit, call 800-779-6759, 661-964-0217 or write MYE Entertainment LLC, 25129 The Old Road, Suite 305, Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381.

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