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SteriPEN® Unveils Ultraviolet Reflection Rapid Water Purification Systems

New technology purifies large volumes of water in significantly less time

Hydro-Photon, Inc., the leader in handheld UV water purifiers, announced today its latest innovation, the SteriPEN®Ultraviolet Reflection (UVR™) Technology. This addition to the SteriPEN product collection enables users to make large volumes of water safe to drink in a fraction of the time it takes much bulkier, more expensive systems.

 The UVR™ technology works by using proprietary reflective vessels with SteriPEN’s portable UV water purifiers. The patent-pending system significantly shortens the water purification treatment time. With UVR technology, users can purify four liters of water in just 90 seconds.

As part of its latest innovation, SteriPEN is introducing several high-volume Rapid Purification Systems, which include a handheld SteriPEN and RapidUVR™ soft collapsible water bottles.


The first is the SteriPEN Quantum™ UVR System that includes a SteriPEN Quantum UV purifier, a two-liter RapidUVR™ water bottle, and a 40 micron pre-filter. The Quantum™ System is rugged and fast, purifying two liters of water in only 90 secon

ds. Retailing for $79.95, it also includes a protective neoprene carrying case.

A second addition to the SteriPEN family of products is the SteriPEN Emergency+™ Rapid Purification System. It provides the highest volume UVR System, purifying up to four liters of water in as few as 90 seconds. It includes the SteriPEN Emergency+ UV purifier, two-liter and four-liter RapidUVR water vessels, and a neoprene carrying case. It also retails for $79.95.


Both new products feature ultraviolent lamps that deliver 3,000 treatments. Using four AA batteries, the system purifies 50 liters of water. With lithium batteries, it can purify 150 liters. The new UVR products will be available online at in August 2016.

About SteriPEN and Hydro-Photon, Inc.

Headquartered in Blue Hill, Maine, USA, Hydro-Photon, Inc. is a world leader in handheld, ultraviolet light water purifiers. The SteriPEN brand sets the standard for fast, light, easy and effective water purification. The SteriPEN product line includes the SteriPEN Adventurer Opti, Aqua, Classic 3, Emergency, Freedom and Ultra. Hydro-Photon is privately held and information about the company, SteriPEN products, dealers, and independent lab test results can be found at

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