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Press Releases

Strike Indicator System Increases Success for Fly Fishing Anglers

The New Zealand Strike Indicator System elevates catch rate with their innovative, stealthy, and super sensitive solution.

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Nashville, TN (March 16th, 2021) – The Strike Indicator Company continues to innovate with their best-selling New Zealand Strike Indicator System. Experienced fly anglers know that 90% of a trout’s diet are sub-surface nymphs, and so by mimicking nymph behavior with an adjustable, knotless, sensitive and stealthy system boosts fly fishing angler’s success rate enormously.

“Using a bit of Kiwi ingenuity and the superior attributes of our specially selected and dyed New Zealand wool we have created the most superior strike indicator system on the market,” said Strike Indicator Founder and veteran angler, Barry Dombro. “Guides and anglers from Colorado to Tasmania are using our system because it’s so effective.” 

Designed thoughtfully for those that target trout with nymphs, the Strike Indicator System features:

Stealthy Presentation – Making a stealthy presentation that does not alert the trout to the angler’s presence is critical to success. Large and experienced trout are aware of their surroundings and any unusual activity alerts them and they stop feeding. Using a stealthy indicator that lands on the water gently in the optimal color and the optimal size gives the angler a big advantage.

Adjustable – Adjusting the indicator so the nymph is presented at the water depth where the trout are feeding is essential. Trout will only exert so much effort to chase food, and the calories they consume need to be greater than the calories they expend. Trout are experts at making this calorie calculation so presenting at the right water level is imperative.

Super Sensitive – Experts say 50% of takes are rejected by trout and the angler never detects the strike. “Hard” indicators don’t show these takes. The Strike Indicator’s New Zealand Wool Indicators are super sensitive and detect even the most subtle takes.

Knotless – When you do everything right and hook a large trout, you really want to land it.  There are no weaknesses or kinks in the Strike Indicator system as it’s 100% knotless. Designed not to slip even when a huge fish is on the line, with aggressive casting, or high wind conditions, it is still easily adjusted by the angler when desired.

The Strike Indicator Company launched in 2010 in the North Island of New Zealand after identifying a longstanding need in the market that wasn’t being met. Dombro experienced the frustration of using traditional strike indicators that spooked fish, didn’t adjust properly, and introduced kinks in the line that inevitably led to a break and losing large fish. After several years of rigorous testing, improvement, and feedback from professional fly fishing guides from around the world, the product was finally ready to share with fly anglers and fly shops world-wide. Dombro, also the brand’s chief designers, has continued to enhance the system and provide guide-approved accessories that make using the system even more effective.

These indicators are the real deal and are the perfect solution for spooky or technical trout,” Kyle Wilkinson says, a professional Orvis-endorsed guide. “Aside from the fact they’re totally customizable by trimming the wool to your desired length, I really love how they don’t put a kink in your line like other yarn indicators will.”

For more information about our strike indicator system and to view instructional videos visit: or email us at:  Product photos and Videos available for download at:


About The Strike Indicator Company:

The Strike Indicator Company is a team of passionate, lifelong fly anglers. The company was founded by inventor Barry Dombro to share an innovative solution dedicated to providing the most effective strike indicator for fly anglers. Since its founding, The New Zealand Strike Indicator has received critical acclaim from fly fishing guides, instructors, shop owners and anglers alike across the world.