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Sufferfest Beer Introduces FKT Pale Ale with Sea Salt and Blackcurrant

Fastest-known-time (FKT) Pale Ale celebrates those who like to sweat for their beer

Sufferfest FKT Pale Ale Beer
Sufferfest Beer Company releases first-of-its-kind electrolytic, nutrient-rich pale ale.Jessica Hamel

San Francisco, Calif. Sufferfest Beer Company, the athlete-focused, purpose-brewed craft beer company based in San Francisco, is proud to launch the FKT Pale Ale, a first-of-its-kind brew inspired by those who go the extra mile.

“FKT is the celebration of all that is gritty and idealistic within us; the extra reps, the late nights in the office, and the grind that makes us better,” said Caitlin Landesberg, CEO and founder of Sufferfest Beer Company. “We brewed FKT to be the perfect finish line beer, no matter what your finish line is today. ”

Sufferfest’s FKT Pale Ale was crafted to give you the flavor and richness you deserve with the added ingredients of salt and black currant. The beer’s bright and tangy flavor is complemented by the citrus notes imparted by a hops bouquet of citra, azacca and magnum. “At its foundation taste was paramount; from there, we focused on introducing select ingredients that were inspired by what we wanted to see in a finish line beer,” explained Landesberg.

“We made it because it’s what our healthy and active community was asking for — a beer that could deliver a perfect punch of post-sweat reward while still tasting like the beer you want and deserve,” said Landesberg.

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Introducing the FKT

Sufferfest Beer Company Launches FKT Pale Ale

Sufferfest FKT Pale Ale
Michael McSherry

Recover with the FKT

Sufferfest FKT Pale Ale
Jessica Hamel

Brewed with Blackcurrants

Sufferfest FKT Pale Ale Beer
Sufferfest Beer

About Sufferfest

Sufferfest Beer Company provides active, healthy and passionate humans with premium quality craft beer. Created for those who go the extra mile, we’re committed to serving delicious beer that delivers more without settling on taste or quality. Sufferfest Beer Co. is a certified B Corporation, because we’re dedicated to practicing environmental sustainability and positively impacting the communities in which we sweat, drink and celebrate. Whether you crushed it on the trails, had a big win at the office, flexed your weekend warrior, or shredded the gnar, you deserve our beer. From us to you: go hard, have fun, and enjoy the sufferfest. Learn more about why we sweat for our beer at