reDEW8 Introduces New Zero Cotton™ Jeans for 2019

Sustainable denim brand closing the loop with new jeans using 100-percent renewable fibers at the 2019 Outdoor Retailer Snow Show

reDEW8 Jeans, innovators in sustainable denim, unveils new jeans made from Zero Cotton™ 100-percent renewable fibers. The Frost jeans will debut in the United States at the 2019 Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show in Denver, Colorado.

Each pair of Frost jeans saves more than 7,000 liters (1,849 gallons) of water, and is produced without the environmental impacts of cotton. Zero Cotton™ jeans represent an important step towards a more sustainable outdoor industry.

“According to the United Nations, there are only 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, yet last year the United States saw a flurry of efforts to roll back environmental regulations,” says Anders Haglund reDEW8 co-founder. “A warmer climate with extreme floods and droughts not only brings huge challenges for snow sports, but also fresh water is crucial for drinking, farming and other industries.”

Frost Jeans – New Fall 2019

Sustainable denim woven from wood fibers, each pair saves more than 7,000 liters (1,849 gallons) of water. The latest style in reDEW’s line of Zero Cotton™ jeans, the fabric looks, feels and wears like the highest quality denim on the market, but without the environmental impacts of cotton. Luxuriously soft on the inside, with a straight leg and medium rise. Available in a slightly worn-looking 88 Days wash, or 123 Day wash for a light color and worn-in look and feel.

Product Specifications:

· Made from certified wood grown in Europe

· Wood fibers from Lenzing, woven by ISKO and designed by reDEW8

· reDEW8 donates 25-percent of profits to international wildlife conservation

· MSRP $149-$159

“reDEW8 seeks to create a paradigm shift from the traditional linear economy — make, use, dispose — toward a circular economy, which values reduction, reuse and recycling or regenerating products and materials,” adds Peter Lantz, reDEW8 co-founder. “Zero Cotton represents an important step towards a more sustainable outdoor industry.”

reDEW8’s mission is to make the best jeans on earth, but without sacrificing the environment for the sake or style and overconsumption. It’s no secret that denim is a dirty business. Take the pesticides used to grow cotton, indigo dyes that poison rivers, sweatshop labor, and excessive amounts of water used throughout the process from growing to producing jeans, and then multiply that by 2 billion pairs annually. While many consumers are unaware as they pull on their jeans each morning, reDEW8 aims to challenge the unsustainable practices that currently define denim.

Please stop reDEW8 at the 2019 Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show in the Venture Out Zone, booth # VO226-SL or visit to learn more. The new Frost Zero Cotton™ jeans will debut at select retailers, available Fall 2019.

About reDEW8 Jeans

Based on a will to change the way business is done today, reDEW uses the best jeans on earth as a tool to prove that change is possible. On the product side, reDEW is firstly about style, using technology to raise the bar of what’s possible in denim. The choice between style and technology is once and for all put to rest. reDEW8 Labs® conducts research and development by closely collaborating with leading suppliers, manufacturers and creatives who are also committed to style, technology and sustainability. More than just jeans, reDEW is denim with a mission. reDEW donates 25-percent of profits annually to international wildlife conservation through the reDEW Foundation and the reDEW Earth Prize. Please visit to learn more.