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SwarmBuilder Is Named to Inc. 500 Thanks to Support from Its Core Audi

SwarmBuilderwas recently named as the nation’s 100th fastest growing private company on the prestigious Inc. 500 list, and is the third highest ranking Utah-based business being recognized.

Company also extends congratulations to fellow winners nuun and Skull Candy

SwarmBuilder, whose solutions connect brands and sales influencers to create brand advocates, was recently named as the nation’s 100th fastest growing private company on the prestigious Inc. 500 list, and is the third highest ranking Utah-based business being recognized. The company attributes it’s nearly 2,500 percent growth over the past three years to a warm embrace by the audiences it serves, namely the sporting goods, footwear, biking, apparel and automotive industries.

“We are obviously delighted to have been named to the Inc. 500, and we know exactly who to thank for helping us get there – our brand partners as well as the retailers, VIPs and Pros, and member organizations that have used our solutions and driven our growth,” said Duncan Robins, CEO of SwarmBuilder. “It’s their continued support, collaboration and recommendations on how we can improve our offerings that have moved us forward, and we are extremely grateful for their work with us.”

Robins also expressed his excitement that nuun and Skull Candy, two companies that also cater to the outdoor industry with their inventive products, were named to the Inc. 500, as well. “Skull Candy and nuun are great companies that have taken innovation to new levels and we are thrilled to see them on the list, too,” he continued. “We’re passionate about all of the markets that SwarmBuilder serves, but we started in the outdoor space and we love seeing unique companies recognized for growing the sports and adventuring industries.”

SwarmBuilder helps both brands and sales influencers connect in meaningful ways that improve sales. The company’s and products work with more than 225 brands and over 400,000 sales influencers – retail sales associates, VIPs and Pros – to provide product education, improve sales, and create brand advocates by allowing the most influential people to purchase and use product personally. By using product themselves, these sales influencers and brand advocates are able to share their experiences via word-of-mouth marketing which improve sell through.

As the Inc. 500 award shows, SwarmBuilder has experienced significant growth over the past three years and is still growing strong. In addition to increasing the number of brands and retail outlets it works with, SwarmBuilder is growing its own internal team. Utah-based individuals interested in becoming part of the dynamic team at SwarmBuilder should visit

About SwarmBuilder, Inc.

SwarmBuilder, Inc., the parent company of and, is the intersection where brands and sales influencers meet to create brand advocates. The company identifies and connects brands with this powerful audience – retail sales staff, VIPs and Pros – and converts them into true brand advocates that use word of mouth marketing to share their personal experiences and deep product knowledge in order to drive sales. SwarmBuilder focuses on creating an aggregated network of sales influencers, providing customized trainings for them, managing product seeding programs at deep discounts, all the while maintaining a strong engagement that fosters long-term relationships between brands and influencers. SwarmBuilder has connected more than 400,000 brand advocates with more than 225 brands and thousands of Retail locations.


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