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Swedish Stove Manufacturer Primus Celebrates 125 Years

(Boulder, CO) January 9, 2017 – In 1892, F.W. Lindqvist and J.V. Svenson created the world’s first soot-free kerosene stove in their small blacksmith workshop in central Stockholm. The stove was aptly named Primus (meaning first in Swedish) and the name quickly became synonymous with reliable stoves. During this time, Primus was the stove of choice for those embarking on new ascents and demanding expeditions. Among these firsts was Roald Amundsen, who utilized a Primus stove during the first expedition to the South Pole in 1911. 

More than 100 years later in 1999, Primus opened the doors to its current factory in Tartu, Estonia, to better meet consumer demands and to deliver the highest quality standard. Primus’ commitment to ‘made in Europe’ continues to be of high importance to the brand, and to date it is the only stove manufacturer that still produces its stoves in Europe. Each step, from initial design to final production, is done internally in the R&D facility or out in the field. Every product undergoes extensive testing and intensive quality control procedures, which involves firing up each stove to ensure accuracy before leaving the factory.

“All Primus products are created based on the company’s passion and respect for the outdoors and for nature. To this day, we continue to produce products that are reliable and life-long companions, and that draw on our 125 years of experience, technical expertise, first class engineering and use of sustainable materials,” said Lars-Ola Brolinson, CEO of Primus.

Today, Primus is firmly established as an international brand with products distributed in over 70 countries. In addition to producing long-lasting stoves, the brand also prides itself on its worldwide spare parts availability and after-sales care. Currently, Primus’ engineer team is busy creating innovative new products for 2018 that will continue to ‘keep the flame burning’.

About Primus:

Swedish company Primus has been creating products for outdoor use since 1892. They have been tested on expeditions by such pioneers as Fridtjof Nansen, Roald Amundsen and Sir Edmund Hillary. Today, Primus is known for its reliable, safe and innovative products that make people enjoy their outdoors adventures— both big and small. The focus is on creating environmentally friendly, easy to use and lightweight products. Primus AB, based in Solna (Sweden), is an independent part of Fenix Outdoor AB. 90% of Primus’ product range is sold in more than 70 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit

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