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Tarma Designs Brews Up Green Bottle Openers

Tarma Designs offers recycled stainless steel bottle openers in designs as distinct as their keeper.

Sometimes the smallest piece of outdoor gear can be the most crucial, which is why it’s always a good idea to have a great bottle opener on hand for that post-trek or cycle celebratory brew. In sync with the outdoor spirit, Tarma Designs offers recycled stainless steel bottle openers in designs as distinct as their keeper.

Giving this popular utilitarian gadget a green face, Tarma’s bottle openers are a great addition to the key rings of the outdoor enthusiast, in styles such as the Snowboarder, Kayaker and Cairn. Extremely durable and lightweight, the sustainable accessories can be easily carried anywhere and will never tarnish.

“For many, bottle openers serve as a collector’s item of sorts – once you find one you like, it’s difficult to part ways with it,” said Sky George, co-owner of Tarma Designs. “Our openers offer both a useful design and unique elements that play to personal interests.”

Available in a Sandblasted, matte finish, the openers, like Tarma jewelry, can be paired with the personality and passions of their owners.

Snow and ski bums can keep their cool with the Snowboarder or Double Diamond designs; whitewater warriors can display their reign over the rapids with the Kayaker; men can make a masculine mark on the mountain with the Mountain Bike (above, right); and outdoor lovers can take to new trails with the Cairn, Bear Paw (below, left) or new Appalachian Trail Hiker (above, left).

Each opener measures 34 by 83 mm and can fit easily on a key ring or in a pocket or backpack. MSRP: $19.98 (Appalachian Trail Hiker is $21.98, with $1 of the sale going to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy).

Tarma Designs bottle openers can be purchased at various national retailers or online at

Tarma Designs blends sustainable, high-quality materials, distinct design elements and the spirit of adventure and exploration to create its line of fashionable and environmentally conscious personal art. The Active line brings a love of the outdoors to life for men and women with symbols inspired by active adventures immortalized in recycled stainless steel pendants, earrings, wristbands and bottle openers. For more information, visit Editorial media may contact On the Horizon Communications at (805) 773-1000 or for additional information, images or product samples.