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Tentsile, An Innovative and Award-Winning Brand Launches Unique  Three-Element Shelter for Use on Land, Air and Water

The Tentsile Universe easily converts from a ground or suspended tent for up to five people, to an incredibly stable SUP-style Huckleberry Finn day-raft for recreation on the water.

LONDON, England (July 17, 2018): Tentsile, an award-winning brand known for being first to market with their innovative and portable Tree Tents, introduces the Tentsile Universe. This innovatively disruptive piece of design can be used on land, in the air suspended by trees and on the water. The Tentsile Universe easily converts from a ground or suspended tent for up to five people, to an incredibly stable SUP-style Huckleberry Finn day-raft for recreation on the water. Tentsile will debut the new model at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show, July 23-26, booth number 32095-UL. The Tentsile Universe will be available for pre-order in August 2018 with delivery in early 2019.

CEO and Founder Alex Shirley-Smith, commented, “Designed for family adventures, the Tentsile Universe is the only tent you will ever need. The fun can continue on the ground, in the trees or on the water, no matter where you find yourself. One thing we enjoy at Tentsile is pushing boundaries, so we’re excited to unveil our newest offering. This world-first addresses the need to have an all-terrain, multi-use, fun-packed product that encourages both adventurous play and basic practical needs in any environment.”

Tentsile Tree Tents were conceived as treehouses that can be set up anywhere – from camping to festivals to backyard adventures. A cross between a hammock and a tent, their shelters consist of a tensioned and firm fabric surface that can be set up on the ground or in the trees, and have a bug-netting roof that allows for stargazing, and insect-free sleeping. An additional rain fly adds protection and privacy, making the Tree Tents fully waterproof and suitable for four-season camping over multiple levels. With the release of the Tentsile Universe model, Tentsile now offers a new way to experience the water.

On land or suspended from trees, the Tentsile Universe holds up to five adults or several kids who can enjoy generous sleeping space, storage areas and the ability to modify ventilation. The interior is completely insect-proof, rainproof and UV resistant, and has a no-see-um mesh top that can easily be covered by the rainfly. The entire roof can be fully removed for unobstructed views of the trees over head. With over five feet of headspace and 3 spacious porch areas, this roomy model is a perfect base camp for family adventures.

When the fun heads to the lake, the Tentsile Universe can be modified for on-water use by simply rolling back the vestibule doors and securing the rain fly to the poles in each corner, and removing the insect mesh, therefore creating an incredibly stable three-person SUP-style raft to relax on the water. The firm, padded, insulating 8 cm PVC drop stitch floor provides comfort and floatation on the water. The shelter is fully collapsible, packing to 110 x 40 x 40 cm and weighing just 45kg/100 lbs. It has a maximum load of 440kg / 880 lbs. MSRP: From $1999 USD.

About Tentsile: Discover the future of camping with Tentsile, portable tree houses that combine the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the security and multi-person occupancy of a tent. Inspired by their love of trees and the Ewok village from Star Wars, Tentsile is the ideal low-impact shelter. The unique design allows groups of people to enjoy the experience of camping amongst the trees, suspended above the ground for increased separation from insects, predators, damp or uneven ground. For each tent they sell, Tentsile plants eighteen new trees with partner organizations WeForest and The Eden Project. Both of these international non-profits promote pioneering movements in large-scale sustainable reforestation and poverty alleviation initiatives. To date, Tentsile’s efforts have resulted in the planting of over 325,000 trees. Follow their #BecomeOneOfTheMillion campaign as they work towards planting over a million trees by 2022. Tentsile is an award-winning brand, a recipient of the 2015/2016 ISPO Brand New Award as well as the German Design Council’s gold award for ground-breaking design in the sports, outdoor activities and leisure field. Socialize with us @Tentsile on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Media Contact: Kris Hathaway, HFS Communications,