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The FabricLink Network Teams Up with TALA

The FabricLink Network (FLN), the leading website for textile networking and resources for the textile industry is pleased to announce a network partnership with the Textile Association of Los Angeles (TALA).

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The FabricLink Network

Teams Up with the Textile Association of Los Angeles (TALA)

for Expanded Networking Opportunities

Tarzana, Calif. June 29th, 2012 ­– The FabricLink Network (FLN), the leading website for textile networking, education, and resources for the textile industry and its customers, is pleased to announce a network partnership with the Textile Association of Los Angeles (TALA) that will extend benefits for the global textile and apparel industries.

The relationship between the FLN and TALA expands FLN’s Industry Network Alliances that include several textile associations and industry publications.TALA serves California’s apparel and textile industries by providing a forum for businesses globally. Its mission is to provide valuable business resources to the world of textile companies, sales reps, manufacturers, importers, agents, and allied associations, as well as to navigate the landscape of world trade. The TALA website ( contains direct links to all of its member companies.

“We want to do a better job of keeping the industry informed—the stronger TALA is, the stronger the industry is.This strategic partnership with the FLN will advance that goal,” notes Brian Weitman, Chairman of TALA.

FLN is providing a Portal Page to highlight TALA’s links to Southern California’s apparel and textile industries, which include access to its member companies consisting of distributors that offer short-run fabrics, supporting professional services and TALA’s ‘One-2-One’ Matches. With easy access to either FLN’s popular Searchable Indexes or TALA’s membership, the Portal Page makes it convenient to locate all types of fabrics, from fashion fabrics to innovative technical textile products and industry related services.

“The relationship between TALA and the FabricLink Network is a winner for both TALA and the FLN,” explains Kathlyn Swantko, president of FLN. “The combined platform is a valuable networking tool, where designers and product development people can search for ideas, find suppliers and locate thousands of fabrics relating to both fashion and innovative technical applications.”

Since the relationship between TALA and the FLN involves trade-to-trade networking and marketing, the TALA Portal Page and key links from the FLN to the TALA website appear on (TTC), FLN’s trade-to-trade website.

Accessing Partner Resources from TTC Website:

The TALA “Red Bar” logo-link in the center of the TTC homepage and the “Red Box” logo-link on the TTC’s Apparel homepage takes visitors to the TALA Portal Page on TTC, which provides general information on the services TALA has to offer, along with direct links to the TALA website. The TALA Portal Page makes it easy and convenient to navigate to either the TALA website for generic fashion fabrics, or to navigate TTC’s left hand Searchable Indexes, which can be used for finding innovative technical textiles across a broad array of specialty fabrics including Apparel, Sports Textiles, Home Furnishings, Safety & Protection, Industrial and Medical applications.

Accessing Partner Resources from TALA:

If beginning a fabric search on the TALA website, the “FabricLink” link, in the left hand navigation, makes it easy to visit either (trade-to-consumer) or TheTechnicalCenter (trade-to-trade) websites.

Through this networking partnership, the FLN and TALA have opened many doors for quickly locating a plethora of textile products and related services, bringing this information to the forefront of the industry and beyond. “The cross-linking of FLN with TALA, along with the California Fashion Association, will create a meaningful network of business-to-business relationships,” states Ilse Metchek, Executive Director for TALA and the California Fashion Association (CFA).“We are now ALL connected!“

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About the FabricLink Network:

Kathlyn Swantko, a textile advocate and educator, is president and founder of and, the on-line textile resources which make up the FabricLink Network. (trade-to-consumer) and (trade-to-trade) provides information about new products and marketing opportunities for specialty textiles, textile-based products and services.The two sites offer; valuable content and technical information, news releases on innovations, fabric descriptions, usage and care, supplier history and contacts. Seven searchable indexes make the FabricLink Network websites the “go to” resources for developers of textiles, fashion designers, and researchers. In addition, the Network offers effective platforms for all businesses, from small niche-based companies to large broad-based textile manufacturers. This gives the ability to reach other businesses within the supply chain and the consumer. Visit the FabricLink Network ( and on twitter at FabricLinkNet, and on Facebook at

Kathy Swantko can be reached at (818) 345-7501, or at
Communications Contact: Beth Cochran 406.579.7909

About TALA:

The Textile Association of Los Angeles (TALA) was founded in the early 60s as the networking arm of the Los Angeles textile industry’s representatives and those local companies with headquarters in the region. In 2010 TALA formed a partnership with the California Fashion Association allowing TALA members to take advantage of the networking opportunities with CFA members, and invite them to attend the industry’s general networking and informational events.The TALA organization, in its present form, gathers and distributes statistics and other industry data, and informs members about ongoing issues affecting the industry, thereby promoting the California apparel industry to the world. As an organization, TALA has been retooled so that the focus is on business opportunities.

Ilse Metchek can be reached at:213-688-62888, or at

Brian Weitman can be reached at:213-746-0850, or at

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