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The Logistics of Trade Shows

How Manufacturers Can Ease the Headache

Trade shows are an integral part of a manufacturer’s marketing strategy and new product introduction, but the behind-the-scenes operations can be stressful and complex.
•Next season’s or next year’s inventory must be available for show, which often requires expedition from overseas to guarantee an on time arrival.
•Products need to be carefully managed, so that orders can be quickly fulfilled both during and after the show.
•Additional labor and warehouse space are necessary for the initial weeks.
•Booths need to be fully equipped to ensure a display’s success – even the smallest missing part, such as a power cable, can ruin a presentation.

ITS Logistics, a third party logistics (3PL) company specializing in the outdoor industry, offers solutions to all of these problems. The goal is to ease the pressure on manufacturers, so that they can focus on selling their product instead of managing their inventory.

ITS Logistics has the flexibility to accommodate safe, reliable booth storage between shows, so your investment is well taken care of. Their experience includes managing and packaging trade show inventory to avoid damage by third party movers. ITS takes care of booth stock as well as product inventory, and carefully repackages it after the show so there are no surprises with set-up at the next show. They have expertise in the government of overseas expedition, so that if there is a delay in the manufacturing process, a show is not ruined. Frequent trade show exhibitors also have the option of placing their logo on a trailer, which will be directly transported from one event to the next to eliminate extra shipping fees often associated with the travel.

ITS Logistics also fills orders both during and after the show, utilizing a highly visible and over 99% accurate inventory management system that will keep you in the know, and ensure your orders get to their destination quickly and without mistakes.
Kasia Wenker, a logistics expert with ITS Logistics, can come to your booth at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (ORSM) for a free consultation on your trade show and general logistics needs.

If interested, please email Kasia directly at with times that work for you, and what issues you may be facing. Also check out for more free tips on logistics handling.

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