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The Outdoor Industry: Yet to Tap into Social Media?

December 30th, 2010-Onit Marketing reaches out to an industry behind in the world of social media!

Time is of the essence: brands, retailers, and individuals within this industry have a huge potential to grow their audience and build a voice online, Onit is here to steer you through the digital jungle and build your voice and communities online.

The Outdoor Industry and its relationship with Social Media is still in it’s early stages of growth. Large brands have taken it upon themselves to enter the social sphere, but the outdoor social community has yet to be tapped into.

Reasons to develop a winning social media strategy today:

* The customers are loyal, passionate and want to tell others about their experiences, travels and gear.

* Some major outdoor brands have gone social, but most campaigns have not been strategically developed.

* Brands now have the opportunity to grow their presence in the blogosphere.

Wait there’s more. Onit Marketing offers social web development.

Does your Facebook page need a face lift? From customized Facebook pages to phone applications, we bridge the gap between creative user friendly web interfaces and innovative cutting edge social solutions. Facebook is becoming companies second websites.

We can custom tailor the following web development solutions:
• Develop Brand Specific Custom tabs on Facebook
• Create Interactive Tabs on Facebook
• Link your e-Commerce site to Facebook
• Build Custom Incentives and Promotions to Engage Fans
• Customized Mobile Application Development.

With more than 600 million users, a business Facebook page is a necessity for brands to reach their audience. With its massive growth, Facebook has become more demanding, users need more interactivity and functionality from a business point of view. With our custom Facebook development, users can achieve their Facebook interactivity goals.
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