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The Pinneco® Branding Team Attends WWF-Hong Kong's Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme and Low-carbon Office Operation Programme Awards 2013


HONG KONG, 9 January, 2014 – The Pinneco® Branding Team attended WWF-Hong Kong’s Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP) and Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP) Awards 2013 at The Salisbury, YMCA of Hong Kong this past week.

This awards ceremony not only honours participating companies, but introduces report findings from these programmes. According to the WWF-Hong Kong, “The LCMP report finds that the 29 participating companies reduced their carbon emissions by more than 37,000 tonnes in the last year, equivalent to a HK$60 million cut in electricity usage.” As well, “28 companies received labels from the LOOP, and collectively these companies employed 5,748 staff, with an average total carbon emissions per employee of 3.47 tonnes, a reduction of 21 per cent compared with last year.”

Seven companies received the LCMP Gold Label, and two companies received the LCMP Platinum Label. Four companies received the LOOP Certified Label, and five companies received the LOOP Silver label.

The Pinneco® Branding Team attended this award ceremony to witness one of its manufacturing partner, Hong Kong Non-Woven Fabric Ind. Co., Ltd (Shenzhen Hong Tao Non-Woven Fabrics Co., Ltd), being honoured the LCMP Gold Label for 2013. A WWF Hong Kong initiative to reduce carbon emissions in manufacturing and office operations, the LCMP and LOOP have made a significant impact in the environment in the Pearl River Delta and participating companies are now awarded for their efforts. Pinneco® is honoured to have been and we look forward in becoming and witnessing more Eco-friendly activities and achievement. 

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Hong Kong Non-Woven Fabric Industrial Co Ltd (HK Non-Woven) is a leading fiberfill and insulation manufacturer based in Hong Kong with production facilities in China. Its sister company Hong Kong Bonding (HK Bonding) leads in lamination and bonding processes. Both companies produce for diverse markets from outdoor, sports, bedding, to intimate apparel with a global customer base. They are leaders in innovative, technology led and development in fiberfill, lamination and bonding processes, and in production that is environmentally friendly, with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I, II, III and ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 certification. For more information, please visit: