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The Runner’s Sole Introduces Natural Running to Western Pennsylvania

Specialty Running Store Offers Expertise and Resources Including kigo footwear

The increasing popularity of natural running and minimalist footwear are changing the way many athletes think about gear and training. The Runner’s Sole, an athletic staple in Western Pennsylvania, has brought the trend to the area with customized training plans, biomechanics seminars and minimalist options like kigo footwear. The goal is to help new and experienced runners to embrace this healthy and fun athletic movement.

The Runner’s Sole is owned by longtime runner Rick Myers, whose vision is a store that provides everyone, regardless of experience, with the gear and training to be successful in their active endeavors. The store stocks a variety of high quality, affordable shoes and accessories to meet the needs of runners of every level. Paired with those resources, Myers’ team provides services including gait analysis, a runners club and biomechanics seminars.

“With the right gear and the right support, it is easy to be active and healthy,” said Myers. “We strive to provide everything our community needs to do just that. Running is one of the most efficient and affordable forms of exercise. Add to that, it’s fun. With our new minimalist footwear offerings and natural running expertise, it’s gotten even better.”

The Runner’s Sole has added kigo footwear to its selection of footwear, which also includes Netwon Running and Inov-8. kigo footwear is designed for the customer who is seeking an affordable, durable, stylish and super lightweight minimalist option that can be worn for athletic and everyday activities.

“It is great to be a part of this commitment to the wellness and activity of a community,” said Jan Kuramoto, co-founder of kigo footwear. “The kigo footwear design versatility and conscientious price point brings a great minimalist option to The Runner’s Sole.”

The Runner’s Sole offers the kigo footwear edge and curv styles. The edge is a unisex slip on that provides full foot coverage to keep water and debris out, and strong minimalist construction. The curv is a chic lightweight Mary Jane style shoe designed specifically for women. Both styles of shoes feature elements like a fully flexible one-point-five millimeter midsole and less than two millimeter differential to the heel, supportive and breathable upper, and per shoe average weight of between five and six ounces. The designs offered are grey with colorful accents. The shoes are designed to stretch on the foot and to soften slightly for a custom fit.

About The Runner’s Sole
Started in August of 2008 by Rick Meyers with a passion for not only running, but bringing in top running products to his community. Also, identifying that there is a need for people to inquire about the proper shoe for them as well as to gain advice for running injury free. The Runner’s Sole offers many high end products for the beginner to avid runner and a staff with over 20 years of endurance running experience, The Runner’s Sole is the one stop shop for all of your running needs. Log on to  for more information.

About kigo footwear
kigo footwear is stylish, eco-friendly minimalist footwear for athletics and everyday wear. The kigo team strives to provide comfortable shoes that are stylish enough for everyday wear, sturdy enough for athletics and constructed to be as good for the Earth as for the body. Each kigo shoe is thoughtfully and responsibly constructed of lightweight eco-friendly materials, including removable EVA insoles, breathable, stain/water resistant uppers and flexible, high-density rubber outsoles. For more information, please visit us at

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