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The Spork XM – Stand Up for the Planet as You Sit Down for Lunch

Light My Fire, distributed by Industrial Revolution (,introduces a new, longer Spork.

Redmond, Wash. – When a product is so well designed that it can’t be improved, what is a company to do? Make it bigger. Introducing the new, larger Spork XM, by Light My Fire.

A finely crafted tool of polycarbonate material, the Spork XM combines a spoon, fork and a safe, serrated knife-like edge. The three necessary utensils combine in one sleek, half-ounce package. The XM differs from the original Spork, only by its length, a full three centimeters longer. Durable and dishwasher-safe, the Spork XM is built to last.

The inspiration for the longer Spork came from backpackers and campers who eat directly from their dehydrated meal bags. Just because an activity may be dirty, certainly doesn’t mean it should be uncivilized. The Spork XM is long enough to eat directly from a backpacking meal bag without dragging your knuckles in your food, but small enough to easily keep in your daily briefcase or backpack.

Coming in two fashionable colors, orange and green, the Spork XM is the must-have accessory for: the outdoor-oriented, city dwellers, school children and anyone who ever dines outside the home. The Spork XM is also a silent environmental crusader. Millions of disposable, plastic utensils are thrown into our landfills and waterways every day. By carrying the re-usable Spork XM, you can minimize the use of disposable utensils. Stand up for the planet as you sit down to lunch.

The Light My Fire line is designed in Sweden and distributed in the United States by Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution family of products inherently supports leave no trace principles by offering options that help minimize human impact on our wild lands. To further the cause of responsible enjoyment of the outdoors, Industrial Revolution formed a formal partnership with the Leave No Trace organization in October 2007. For more information on the Spork XM, Industrial Revolution and Leave No Trace, please visit

About Industrial Revolution:
Industrial Revolution is known more for its exceptional and diverse line of products, than for its name. Just the way it should be. A widespread following of outdoor enthusiasts have long been dedicated to Industrial Revolution’s line of practical and fun products. Always with an eye for impeccable design and innovation, Industrial Revolution distributes Light My Fire and SwissSpice products in addition to manufacturing their own. Industrial Revolution is committed to responsible enjoyment of the outdoors, and established a formal partnership the Leave No Trace organization in October 2007. Please visit the Industrial Revolution ( for more information.