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Travel & Outdoor Trends from MERCURYcsc — The Truth About Camping? It Isn't Fun.

BOZEMAN, Mont. — What’s the truth about camping? Ninety-one percent of experiential travelers — people defined by their passion for travel and the outdoors — don’t describe camping as fun. So why do they still go? In our second edition of The Pulse from Think T+O™, we aimed to find out, exploring America’s conflicted love affair with camping in the great outdoors.

If we don’t like bugs, then why do we immerse ourselves in the areas they love to populate and subject ourselves to their parasitic ways? If we aren’t getting enough sleep in our own homes, then why do we try to sleep with fewer comforts in the outdoors? And why would we ever want to abandon the modern conveniences of plumbing for a hole in the ground (at best)?

Why? Because camping gives us an opportunity to push our over-indulged limits, lets us explore who we are and reminds us of what’s most important. Scientists, academic researchers and psychologists might chalk it up to our need for more awe in our lives or our attraction and attachment to fire.

Thanks to insights from this edition of The Pulse, we know that experiential travelers realize that camping is a much more complex experience than is often portrayed in advertising and marketing messages. Smart travel and outdoor brands will understand the need to speak about the hard and often uncomfortable truths about camping – and not just focus on the fun-ness.

Learn more in our full report. We’ll provide you with results from The Pulse and actionable insights that you can use as you look to connect with this audience.

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Maclaren Latta, Vice President of Consumer Insights