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Trayvax Founder Seeks 30-Minute Meeting with President of the US and Influential CEOs

Bellingham, WA — Mark King, founder and CEO of TrayvaxⓇ, a US-based manufacturer of slim metal wallets and outdoor gear, has launched a series of videos in search of influential CEOs and the President of the United States. Trayvax has set a goal of creating 5000 American jobs to support 5000 American families. Mr. King is asking for a 30-minute meeting with the following individuals in order to help Trayvax reach its vision:

Jeff Bezos of, Rose Marcario of Patagonia, Jill Layfield former CEO of, Inge Thulin of 3M, Colin Brown of JM Family Enterprises and the President of the United States of America.

“If you are one of those people I would like to ask you for a 30-minute meeting regarding your take on what it truly takes to set an appropriate foundation for building a culture of such magnitude,” said King. “I truly believe that our purpose here is to create a positive difference in the world and I know your organizations have. I hope that you respond.”

Trayvax is asking for the public’s help in reaching these key figures. Contact to help arrange these meetings.

About Trayvax
TrayvaxⓇ is a US-based manufacturer of slim metal wallets and outdoor gear. All products are hand-crafted and serve as a reminder to get outdoors and Earn Your Story™. It’s this greater love of the outdoors and to humankind that inspires every Trayvax design. The company’s skilled teams of artisans and craftsmen continuously improve and refine designs to ensure enduring products that last a lifetime. Completely sourced and Made in the USA, Trayvax wallets and accessories are built to be passed down to future generations, not landfills. That’s the Trayvax guarantee. For more information:

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