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TREW Launches New Pack Jack Fresh to Death

New jacket fanny pack combo to freshen vibes


Portland, OR (July 18, 2018) TREW, designers and builders of style-inspired, kick-ass performance outdoor apparel, are excited to introduce the Pack Jack. A new lightweight, windproof jacket that slays in on the style meter.

Who said fanny packs are dead? Not TREW, especially not when it’s also a jacket! They’re bringing them back in pure thumbs up steeze. The Pack Jack is made of a lightweight, nylon, ripstop material that makes for a great wind breaker. The integrated rear pocket doubles as a fanny pack when ready to shed a layer, fanny on your fanny. Never stress again about where to store your no-longer needed jacket, put this bad boy around the waist and journey on.

The fanny pack has enough room to store a phone or a beer or bear spray, as far as you know. Straps for the fanny pack are also removable and can easily be tucked away if it isn’t going to be a fanny day, but what day isn’t? The unisex Pack Jack is available in funky new prints from TREW and will be retailing for $159.00.

“We’re damn excited to offer this amazing jacket,” said Chris Pew, TREW co-founder. “Our customers demand high style and high function and the Pack Jack is all of that and more. And, we need our loyal fans to be representing all year long, not just in the winter.”

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For more on the Pack Jack and the Funky Fern print, peep this short video and learn about the powerful women behind it:

Pack Jack Funky Fern
Pack Jack Funky Fern Fanny