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Trimble Launches Topo Map Cards for Android Devices

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) today launched Topo Maps on SD cards for Android phones and tablets. The new plug-and-play memory cards provide outdoor enthusiasts instant access to high-quality topographic maps no matter how far off the grid they travel.


“Outdoor enthusiasts are often in places without cell and data coverage and can’t access maps if they haven’t downloaded them before heading out. We’ve solved that problem with our micro SD cards for Android users. Insert one into an Android phone, launch one of our apps, and instantly view statewide, GPS-ready topo maps all without taking up precious internal memory on the phone,” said Rich Rudow, general manager for Trimble Outdoors.

Trimble Outdoors apps tap into the smartphone’s GPS to show hikers, backpackers and other outdoor explorers their GPS location. Now, with Topo Maps on SD cards, outdoor enthusiasts can see the underlying and critically important topo maps in the apps.

The Topo Maps on SD cards are available for every state, except Alaska, and include 15 different zoom levels of topographic maps ranging in map scale from 1:250K to 1:24K. Where available, the SD cards also include color-coded public land boundaries and updated forest road overlays to tell users what dirt roads are suited for passenger cars or high-clearance vehicles.

The full-colored Topo Maps work with the free and pro versions of Trimble Outdoors Navigator and Trimble Outdoors MyTopo Maps apps.

The SD cards are compatible with Android-powered devices with a SD or microSD memory slot. The SD cards are available for every state, except Alaska. SD cards retail for $69.99, except for California, Texas and Montana, which retail for $89.99.


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