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Press Releases

TripTarp® Launches Kickstarter To Back Outdoor Industry's First Multi-Purpose Tarp For Gear Organization And Trip Planning

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Media, Retail, and, branding inquiries:
Craig C. Rowe
Founder, CEO

TRUCKEE, CA — On Monday, November 7, TripTarp®, LLC., launched a crowdfunding campaign on to support production of the industry’s first multi-purpose tarp for backpacking gear organization and trip planning. The company is aiming to raise $30,000 to spark production and the funding effort will last for 35 days.

The Original TripTarp® for Backpacking is a patent-pending, 5′ x 7′, 70-denier silnylon tarp embedded with a categorized gear list and corresponding Flex-Zones™ on which to physically organize essential gear needed for backcountry travel.


TripTarp® is printed with trip planning advice, wilderness travel best practices, and is equipped with components to allow for use as an accessory or emergency shelter. It’s also coated with a DWR finish.

“TripTarp® was carefully realized to embrace the idea of experiential packing to make decisions about gear easier based on location and logistics. The overlapping of list-driven trip planning with the active handling of critical gear encourages more confident, thorough preparation.” said CEO and TripTarp® inventor, Craig C. Rowe.

TripTarp® is aiming to help backpackers reduce instances of forgetting gear, which jeopardizes safety and minimizes the backcountry experience. Backpackers no longer have to make a new list for every trip location or when seasons change.

Gear is sorted into eight primary categories on TripTarp®; they include, Trek & Pack, Shelter, Sleep, Wear, Personal, Eat & Drink, Cook, and Safety.

“Backpackers no longer need to make a new list for every trip or when seasons change. Everything a person would need for an enjoyable, safe trip can be encapsulated in those categories, from extra socks to camera lenses,” added Rowe.

Each category is supported by relevant backpacking best practices, such as reminders to consider liquid fuel for cold weather trips, remembering to check medication expirations, and seek campsites near reliable water sources, for example.

The company intends to use the Kickstarter to demonstrate the product’s appeal to speciality outdoor retailers.

“Smaller outdoor retailers are the knowledge-base in this world, and I want TripTarp® on their shelves. They have the knowledge to communicate its benefits,” Rowe said.

About TripTarp, LLC
Founded in 2014, TripTarp, LLC has been developing its flagship product, The Original TripTarp® for Backpacking, for more than two years. TripTarp, LLC was launched by Craig C. Rowe, a writer and commercial backpacking guide, to help beginners and experts be more confident every time they leave a trailhead, pack the car, or check a bag. TripTarp® advocates for accessible adventure, helping people understand the relationship between trip planning and the quality of their wilderness experience.

TripTarps® for Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Camping, Surf Travel, Adventure Racing, Mountain Biking, and Backcountry Ski & Snowboarding are also in various stages of design.

TripTarp®. You don’t need everything, just everything you need.™