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TripTarp Officially Launches Industry-First Backpacking Gear Organization And Trip Planning Tarp

Product can help retailers educate customers and bolster camping and hiking equipment sales

Truckee, CA – November 9, 2017


TripTarp®, LLC. is proud to announce the launch and availability of The Original TripTarp for Backpacking, the outdoor industry’s first backpacking gear organization and trip planning tarp. TripTarp solves the problem of having to plan each adventure from scratch by providing an always-ready template for packing and planning backpacking trips.

The Original TripTarp for Backpacking is a 5′ x 7′, 70-denier silnylon tarp printed with a categorized gear list and corresponding Flex-Zones™ on which to physically organize essential gear needed for backcountry travel.

TripTarp® is printed with trip planning advice, wilderness travel best practices, and equipped with components to allow for use as an accessory or emergency shelter. It also has a PU water-resistant coating.

Outdoor retailers should give TripTarp special attention for its ability to help sell more gear because of its educational properties. The product can help sales staff discuss multiple types of products needed for a trip. TripTarp will provide an excellent point of sale device for other camping and hiking equipment.

TripTarp’s master gear list and packable Flex-Zones are categorized accordingly: Trek & Pack, Shelter, Sleep, Wear, Personal, Eat & Drink, Cook, and Safety.

“Everything a person would need for an enjoyable, safe trip can be encapsulated in those categories, from extra socks to camera lenses,” said Craig C. Rowe, TripTarp’s inventor.

Each category is supported by relevant backpacking best practices, such as reminders to consider liquid fuel for cold weather trips, remembering to check medication expirations, and seek campsites near reliable water sources, for example.

“This product is an ideal experiential retail investment. It will sell more than itself, it’s multipurpose in every sense of the term,” said Rowe.

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