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Vasque Ultimate Fit Delivers Comfort and Performance Solutions

Vasque footwear is proud to continue with their over 40+ year mantra that fit is the key to comfort and performance. The "Ultimate Fit" achieved through craftsmanship and coming of age technology.

Red Wing, MN – June 4, 2009 – Vasque, leading manufacturer of specialized footwear for trail running, cross-over, hiking, backpacking, and alpine is proud to continue with their 40+ year mantra that fit is the key to comfort and performance. A shoe that fits correctly can result in longer outings, faster times, better performance, and, in the end, happier feet.

For Vasque, “Ultimate Fit” is achieved through the tradition of craftsmanship infused with coming of age technology, this has been core to the brand since the beginning. It all begins with the last. A last is the form around which every shoe is built. It’s used to simulate the shape of foot—narrow, wide, arched, or flat, etc. It’s the cornerstone of the fit-centric shoe, and critical to enduring comfort and support. Vasque, which designs custom-crafted lasts from the ground up, employs a wide variety of lasts to fit a wide variety of foot shapes.

The Vasque trail running and cross-over collections currently feature two trail-specific lasts: the Arc Tempo and the Perpetuum. The Arc Tempo is built with an asymmetric curve and a tapered toe box to provide adequate toe room without wasted space. The Arc tempo last is ideal for those with higher arches that desire agility and quick foot turn over. This last also provides more powerful toe off and the aggressive toe spring facilitates rapid obstacle clearance. The Perpetuum provides a broader toe box for those who need a little extra room in the forefoot and is formed on a straighter line for people with flatter feet. Performance enhancements include stability and comfort for going the distance, perfect for endurance running, or even hiking and standing. The position behind ultimate fit is to address wide varieties of feet to augment performance.

Vasque’s primary hiking last, the Summit, is a hybrid, combining the heel of the Arc Tempo with a straighter forepart to provide excellent arch support. It also includes a toe rocker that reduces foot fatigue.

Vasque understands women’s feet are anatomically different than men’s in several fundamental ways. In order to enhance the comfort and performance for women, Vasque adjusts their lasts to fit them properly. These women’s shoes are built on a unique last that has a narrower heel pocket, added instep support, and an adjusted heel-to-ball ratio to accommodate a woman’s flex zone.

“We’ve invested, and we’re continuing to invest, a great deal of science and engineering in every one of our lasts,” says senior product developer Brian Hall. “So now we’re trying to educate about why that investment is necessary—why fit is so important.” Toward that end, says Hall, Vasque has produced a series of fun, animated videos for retailers and end-users alike. The videos, he says, are narrated by the all-knowing Master of Fit. His ancient mantra: To determine the ultimate fit, one must first understand the unique needs of every foot to enhance performance. The first video in the series, “The Science of the Fit”, provides essential information for any runner, including details on foot anatomy, weight distribution during gait, the gait cycle itself, and pronation and supination. The second video, “The Story of the Last”, describes the lasts on which all Vasque shoes are designed and built.
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Vasque has crafted high-quality, performance-driven footwear for the outdoor market for more than 40 years. Its lines include specialized footwear for trail running, cross-over, hiking, backpacking, alpine pursuits, and kids. With an unyielding commitment to innovation, Vasque focuses on fit and world-class performance as the core pillars in every product it produces. Company product testing takes place through a team of exceptional athletes that reports directly from trails all over the world, resulting in shoes that withstand the hardest conditions and wear. For more information on all Vasque products go to