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Verde Fulfillment USA Offers Covid-19 E-Commerce Relief Package

Boise, Idaho, April 2nd, 2020 – Verde Fulfillment USA, the order fulfillment source for the outdoor and sporting goods industry, is open, 100% functional, and now offering new clients a Covid-19 E-Commerce Relief Package to help brands continue their e-commerce strategies immediately through 2020.

These are stressful times for any brand with retail stores closed and DC’s not accepting shipments. The last chance of sales success is the brand e-commerce strategy. Verde Fulfillment USA has created a special discounted program to help brands continue shipping their products direct to consumers off their own website, as well as through their Amazon stores. Simply go to:

“We are hearing from more and more brands that are unable to ship orders due to their own warehouses or 3PL’s being closed. We are here to help and to help make that transition easy and pain-free,” commented Greg McRoberts, President and Founder of Verde Fulfillment USA. “Even if we can help a brand for the short term, that’s what we want to do. No brand should have to suffer the long term effects of not being able to ship orders.”

For questions or information, please contact us here:

About Verde Fulfillment USA

Verde Fulfillment USA was born from the outdoor industry out of necessity, and is known as “Best In Class” in order fulfillment. They specialize in e-commerce/wholesale order fulfillment, product returns management, warehousing, co-packing and assembly. Verde has partnered with hundreds of brands, helping them grow by managing their order fulfillment (EDI, B2B, B2C, Amazon) and back-end operations. For more information visit

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