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Veria TV Natural Wellness Channel Launches on DISH Network

First Television Channel Dedicated to Natural Wellness Lifestyle Targets $100 Billion Consumer Market

ARLINGTON, Texas, Oct. 3 /PRNewswire/ — Beginning today, harmony and balance have taken a new meaning in the Natural Wellness industry. Veria (pronounced va-ree-ah), a brand dedicated to bringing natural wellness to the mainstream, today announced the launch of Veria TV on DISH Network(R) to subscribers across America for the first time. Based on research that shows that more than 200 million Americans have expressed a strong desire to live more naturally and a further 80 million that state that maintaining health and vitality is the most important goal in their lives, Veria TV will serve as a destination channel showcasing the natural wellness lifestyle, 24-hours per day in 100% high definition.


Veria TV, which will air 24 hours per day, seven days per week, is available immediately to DISH Network subscribers on channel 9575 at no additional charge as part of the America Top 250 package or separately for $2.99 per month. Other subscribers may preview Veria TV for free in October on DISH Network’s Preview Showroom (Ch. 281). DISH Network subscribers to Veria TV will be able to access a full schedule of quality lifestyle original programming in 100% high definition, featuring a wide range of novel and entertaining shows; including, such areas as food and nutrition, travel, exercise, alternative medicine and holistic health, redefining common perceptions about wellness.

Veria is derived from the Latin word “Veritas,” meaning truth. For millions of Americans now able to access Veria TV on DISH Network, Veria will now serve as a truthful and trusted place to turn to for natural wellness. Veria is reaching out to wellness consumers with an integrated, multifaceted approach. In addition to the television network, Veria has launched a powerful Internet portal as well as a national chain of wellness centers.

Veria Wellness Centers

Veria Wellness Centers feature a full range of products; including’ nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbal remedies, natural and organic beauty care products; as well as, organic fiber clothing, books and videos. Each center will include a personal day spa, offering such services as massage therapy, acupressure, reflexology, facial treatments and skin care; as well as, a large studio area that will accommodate yoga classes, tai chi, wellness seminars and more. Along with leading national brands, Veria Wellness Centers will offer the Chandra brand line of beauty care products. Veria recently launched its first Veria Wellness Center in Plano, Texas, which will be part of a core of 50 retail centers to be opened throughout 2008 and ultimately over 400 centers across the United States.