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Volt ClikStand™ the Mobile Adventure Photography Studio

Clik Elite™ always leads, and the Volt ClikStand™ is their next step.

St. George, UT – Now adventure photographers can bring the studio on the next adventure.

 Clik Elite™’s Volt ClikStand™ delivers the perfect combination – backcountry performance, studio tools, and preparedness. A single system comprised of two components – a high-performance adventure photography backpack and a revolutionary mobile equipment stand – the Volt ClikStand™ is a perfect choice for commercial on-location shoots, and backcountry landscape and wildlife photography expeditions.

 Adventure photographer, Erik Seo is a convert: “The Clik Elite Volt does one of the most important things for photographers: it saves time. I can have my battery-powered studio strobe completely setup in 30 seconds from taking the pack off my back. Action sports photographers don’t always have much time to setup our cameras, let alone lighting. It’s really awesome on location.”

 “Plain and simple, I love the Volt.”

 The equipment stand is the ClikStand™. It pulls double duty as pack frame that carries heavy loads with comfort and ease so photographers can get to the action. On location the ClikStand™ transforms to a high-functioning workstation. Just unfold it, mount lights and camera, and you are ready for action. The patent-pending Stabilizer Feet swing out for a secure foundation and adjust for uneven terrain, and quick-release levers adjust height of ClikStand™ for optimal versatility. Stable and intuitive, the ClikStand™ is constructed of burly, ultralight powder-coated anodized aluminum, and designed to keep gear out of dirt and snow.

 The Volt’s pack body holds it all – bodies, lenses, lighting – keeping it secure and protected in the padded, customizable bays. Multiple lenses, a pro-body SLR camera, battery, and strobe all nestle into this adjustable, customizable pack. Photographers can set it up for their workflow, and adjust it to hold the gear they need for a variety different shoot situations. There are a number of organizer pockets, all easy to access, and cleverly designed to hold cables, memory cards, snacks, and accessories. A pocket on the back holds and protects a laptop computer.

 Designed to carry it all comfortably, the Volt has an advanced suspension system. The adjustable hip belt is contoured for optimal weight distribution. The adjustable harness includes integrated load-lifter straps and an adjustable sternum-strap for extra support and comfort on the trail. And, when it’s on the go, the ClikStand™ becomes a supportive pack frame.

 Clik Elite™ always leads, and the Volt ClikStand™ (SR $425) is their next step in delivering equipment that helps adventure photographers get the shot.

About Clik Elite: Based in Utah’s rugged canyon country, Clik Elite™, part of the Elite Creators™ family of companies, was founded in 2008. They make a complete line of innovative performance packs for adventure photographers that are the culmination of over 25 years of experience. See the line and learn more at: Founded in 2002, Elite Creators™’s family of brands includes Stat Packs™ for emergency responders, Forb™ child-safety car seats and accessories, UltrAspire™ hydration systems for ultra athletes, and Clik Elite™