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Weehoo Bicycle Trailers Teams Up with SMACK! Media

January 14th, 2014 – Golden, CO– Weehoo, the makers of the unique and adventurous i-GO bicycle trailers, has selected SMACK! Media as a public relations partner for 2014, effective January 1st.


Weehoo bicycle trailers have been on the market for 3 years and have been selling strong from the first day they hit the shelves late in 2010. The product came from a father’s desire to share the beautiful Vail, Colorado bike trails with his twin children. After being frustrated that no cycling product available would suit the family’s needs, he slept on it and the idea hit him in a dream. The former professional cyclist used the clear mountain air, some garage based ingenuity, and shortly after, Weehoo was born and shared with the world. Founder, Stephen Rodgers, got the idea for the name of the company from what his kids would yell when out riding: “Weehoo!!!” 

Safe, engaging and fun to use for both the parent and child, the Weehoo i•GO, i•Go Venture, and i•GO 2 offer an exciting, active experience for meltdown-free rides.Weehoo’s unique, patented self-aligning design attaches simply and quickly to the rear of any 2-wheeled bicycle. Designed for use across a wide spectrum of riding styles including road, off-road, touring and commuting cycling, the trailers bridge the gap between passive buggy-style trailers and active tag-along style trailers. Weehoo’s i•GO trailers use a three-point harness to secure the child in their seat. The child has the option of active cycling or complete resting when they choose, thus eliminating the boredom or burnout associated with other trailer options. A fully enclosed all-weather canopy accessory also makes it possible to use the Weehoo under various weather conditions, from extreme sun to rain, wind and cold. Weehoo offers an experience unlike any other because children have the option to pedal, eat, sleep, or simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

 SMACK! Media Founder, Elisette Carlson, came across the Weehoo and liked the idea of her family using the trailer to ride with their children. She took it for a test ride and commented, “I thought I could never use a bike trailer because I weigh 95 lbs. I had my husband, an avid cyclist, try it out and then realized that even I could pull this, which is what triggered me to want to help Weehoo spread the word. The versatility and safety is like nothing else I’ve seen and both of my boys instantly loved it!”

Already sold around the globe, the Weehoo brand remains a relative newcomer to the bike trailer market. With the rise in popularity of bicycling commuting and bicycling for health and fitness, the company is poised to reach record sales in 2014 through raising product awareness. The Weehoo team kicks off its demo season with a visit to the famed Sea Otter Classic bicycle stage race in April. Learn more about Weehoo on their website or via Facebook, Twitter or You Tube.


Safe, engaging, and a blast to ride, the Weehoo i•GO, i•GO 2, and i•Go Venture bicycle trailers are the new benchmark for bicycle trailers. The balanced, streamlined design of the i•GO bicycle trailer gives you the ability to share your riding style with your children. This exciting approach to family riding allows children to ride, eat, sleep, or just sit back and enjoy the ride. Based in Golden, CO, Weehoo was born late in 2010 from a father’s desire to share bicycle trails with his children in a way that would allow them to be safe, and have the option to pedal, eat, sleep or enjoy the ride.


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