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When Worlds Collide: Innate Blog Explores Whether Gaming Killed the Rock Star.


Contact: Michelle Baynton

When Worlds Collide:

Innate Blog Explores Whether Gaming Killed the Rock Star.

“Video games are bad for you? That’s what they said about rock-n-roll.”

~ Shigeru Miyamoto

November 8, 2013 – Vancouver, BC: Innate, creator of clean designs for active travel, has published a post exploring the link between digital stimulation and outdoor performance. Written by Alli Rainey, pro climber and aspiring semi-pro gamer, this post highlights the emerging trend of “out-the-door” enthusiasts who expect their gear to have digital world style with outdoor performance.

“We wanted to explore the motivation behind our local and global communities’ enthusiasm for gear that works with a hybrid active lifestyle,” Robyn Gibson, Innate’s VP of Sales, states. “Our essentials for active travel reach a relatively new demographic for traditional outdoor retailers; there are some real growth opportunities with urban based dwellers whose definition of outdoors and active travel starts at their front door. This blog post looks at what happens on the way to the front door.”

When approached by Innate to write about the connections between gaming and climbing, Alli was excited by the opportunity, stating “I would love to write about gaming and climbing, the relationship I have with both and how they interact in my world and with some of my friends who game as well. We’re big into cooperative games for the PS3 and we’re all climbers/athletes, so this is definitely something to explore.”

One of the inspirations for the blog came from an early supporter of this trend, Outdoor Nation, an American movement that reconnects Millennials to the outdoors. They sponsored the Game On! Challenge Grants, a first-of-its-kind pilot program that invests in youth-inspired programs that leverage video game technologies to get youth outdoors and active.

“As part of this demographic of younger, urban out-the-door enthusiasts, I understand the challenges inherent in finding ways to be engaged with the outdoors” states Innate’s Marketing Coordinator Michelle Baynton. “We get creative, finding inspiration in our hyper-digital urban environments, and we use that to connect with the outdoors.”

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