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White Sierra Poised to Capitalize on Economic and Lifestyle Trends

White Sierra is stepping up its commitment to provide functional, rugged outdoor apparel at value price points.

White Sierra is stepping up its commitment to provide functional, rugged outdoor apparel at value price points in order to serve the large and growing segment of the population that recreates outdoors, but not at an intensity level or in the extreme conditions that require more technical and expensive products. White Sierra recognizes the economic strain that has been placed on the average consumer and is implementing new brand initiatives to support functional yet affordable outdoor apparel.

To help meet the consumer need for function, fashion and affordability, White Sierra has brought in outdoor industry heavyweight Doug Prentice. Prentice, formerly a Vice President and General Manager of Outerwear at Columbia Sportswear, will help focus the brand and product line to address these trends. Noted Prentice, “The reality is that people of all ages are time-challenged, the population is getting older, not younger and the economic times are tough. There are many terrific brands serving the ultra-performance, high-price end of the market, but let’s be honest, a lot of folks who love the outdoors simply aren’t recreating robustly enough or often enough to justify the more expensive gear.”

Prentice will team with long time White Sierra veterans Kevin Hobday, VP of Sales, and Michael Kunz, VP of Operations to serve consumers with a practical approach to rugged outdoor clothing: common sense features and styling that enhance leisurely recreation without unnecessary (and costly) bells and whistles. Added Hobday “As great as some of the high end outdoor apparel is, if you’re a younger consumer trying to save for your first home or an empty nester planning for retirement, even a $200 parka probably doesn’t make sense for the couple of times a season you’ll make it up to the slopes.”

As part of White Sierra’s performance-to-value initiative the brand is introducing Sierra Shield apparel, featuring Insect Shield® technology as part of their Spring 2010 line. This practical performance feature will be offered at 20-25% lower price points than the leading competitive products. Looking forward to Fall 2010, product concepts in development include bonded and laminated soft shells and bonded reversible fleece prints at 20%-25% lower retail price points than other competing products while also expanding its offering of affordable waterproof breathable outerwear.

White Sierra is committed to supporting the new brand and product initiative with a robust, focused Fall 2010 multimedia marketing campaign that will clearly establish the brand’s values, product benefits and how it differentiates itself from all the high-end brands in the marketplace.

About White Sierra – White Sierra was founded 30 years ago as a value driven outdoor apparel company based in Sunnyvale, CA. Today the company stands firm with its philosophy of creating performance outerwear at affordable costs.