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Wool Buff® wins Editors' Choice Gold award from Backpacker Magazine

Santa Rosa, California – Buff, Inc., is thrilled to announce it has been honored with a 2014 BackpackerMagazine Editors’ Choice Gold Award – one of the most prestigious awards in the outdoor industry – for its Wool Buff®.

Buff® Headwear’s signature is the Original Buff® – first introduced 22 years ago – a single tube of fabric that serves many functions, from neck gaiter and facemask to balaclava and headband. Buff® continued to innovate on that simple concept and launched the Wool Buff® in 2009. In a matter of five years the Wool Buff® has become a cult favorite in the outdoor market. 

The Editors’ Choice Gold Awards are presented to manufacturers whose products have sustained best-in-class performance for more than five years. This year, Backpacker recognizes two – Wool Buff® and the Nalgene 32-ounce Ultralite Wide Mouth.

“Our Wool Buff® has become a winter staple for everybody from backcountry climbers to resort skiers,” said Shirley Choi Brunetti, Vice President and General Manager of Buff, Inc. “To have such an esteemed award given to it confirms our belief that this is a must-have when heading out to face the elements.”

Woven with soft and breathable 100-percent natural Merino wool, there are 28 styles of the Wool Buff®. The Wool Buff® is a few inches longer than the Original Buff®, providing extra warmth and protection for winter sports. With an MSRP between $29 and $32, a Wool Buff® can be quickly added to any gear bag by shopping at a local retailer or online.

“Backpacker gear reviews set the benchmark by which all others are measured,” Backpacker editor Dennis Lewon said. “That’s because no other magazine or website conducts field-testing as rigorously or impartially as the crew led by Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter. Our core testers put new products through punishing real-world abuse in the toughest terrain and worst weather. The transparent process has earned an unrivaled level of trust from readers, retailers, and manufacturers. The result? Best-in-class reviews that lead consumers to best-in-class gear.” 

The complete list of Backpacker2014 Editors’ Choice Award winners is officially announced to the general public in the magazine’s Fall Gear Guide issue on newsstands now.

About Buff, Inc.
Buff, Inc., USA, located in Northern California, is a subsidiary of Original Buff®, SA Spain, and established its U.S. presence in 2003. Original Buff® now distributes products in more than 60 countries globally. Buff® performance headwear is all about versatility and simplicity – one garment serves many functions. Designed to offer technical performance and protection from the elements during a wide range of outdoor activities and sports, Buff® models are available in hundreds of designs and styles. Watch how-to-wear demo videos and shop online at