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World Cup with CHAOS Headwear Keeps Vail Valley Warm and Fast

CHAOS and Vail Valley Foundation (VVF) continue thier three-year sponsorship agreement to create and distribute World Cup participant gifts and co-branded event merchandis available at retail during the upcoming 2007/2008 season.

Beth Cochran

World Cup with CHAOS Headwear Keeps Vail Valley Warm and Fast

November 29—December 3, 2007 Men’s Downhill World Cup
At Beaver Creek, CO

Steamboat Springs, CO- (November 20th) CHAOS Headwear and Vail Valley Foundation (VVF) have signed a three-year sponsorship agreement to create and distribute World Cup participant gifts, as well as co-branded event merchandise, including caps and beanies, that will be available at retail outlets during the upcoming 2007/2008 season.

This partnership has been monumental for the young brand in expanding its consumer base and retail demand. This year there will be even more swag in the VIP tents and at evening events!

Birds of Prey World Cup is happening in less than 10 days! VVF and Chaos expect the snow to be solid and steady. The event is the cornerstone in launching the ski season in Beaver Creek. Directors of marketing and sales, sales representatives, major promoters and sponsored athletes from across the United States and around the globe will all gather for this winter kick-off event, unleashing both this exciting downhill sport and the 2007-2008 retail season.

Chaos will supply a specialty line of caps and beanies reflecting the individual energy and specific demographics for each major Vail Valley event, all of which have enormous audience appeal.

The Birds of Prey World Cup boasts the best and fastest the world has to offer in adrenaline skiing. The development of the Birds of Prey men’s downhill course in Beaver Creek is now recognized as one of the top downhill courses in the world and the only men’s downhill in the United States.

Following the Birds of Prey World Cup is the Honda Session in February, 2008, a pro-invitational snowboarding event that attracts the absolute best national and international riders to for high stakes, fire blasts and mind-stirring airtime. The Honda Session is one of the finest events of its kind nationwide.

The third event in this program is the American Ski Classic in March, 2008. The Classic brings together skiing legends, sports, entertainment, celebrities and corporate America on the slopes of Vail Mountain during peak spring conditions. This event combines the thrill of both professional and amateur ski racing with an array of entertainment options for fans of all ages. In its 26th year, the American Ski Classic is the oldest and largest skiing competition and festival of its kind in North America.

“We have developed specialty headwear in each category to reflect the attitude and desires of each very distinct group. This has been an exciting partnership in that we can design, participate, service, and provide an event giveaway with branded event merchandise for the local retailer,” explains Gary Supple, U.S. Sales Director for Chaos Headwear in Steamboat Springs.

The Chaos-VVF team has created an ideal situation with added value gifts that create demand at retail outlets in support of the foundation, and allow the retailers to benefit from the thousands of participants and visitors wanting event memorabilia. Chaos Headwear is honored to be selected as a partner to a foundation with so much depth, integrity and an absolute dedication to community.

Since 1981 VVF has been a nonprofit organization committed to providing leadership in athletic, cultural, and educational endeavors to enhance and sustain the quality of life in the Vail Valley for its residents and guests.

The Vail Valley Foundation currently provides support for a variety of educational programs. The Foundation Scholarship provides college scholarship grants to deserving high school seniors in the Vail Valley. In cooperation with the Vail Valley Youth Foundation, the Magic Bus, and Launch into Literacy programs, they also target literacy and help to strengthen families within the communities where this assistance is most needed. In addition, the Vail Valley Foundation actively supports other nonprofit organizations by annually distributing.

“Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit.” — Henry Adams

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