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World Kayak Enlists Enthusiasts to Help Build Video Catalog

World Kayak aims to create the largest online video catalog of rivers, river lovers and river communities.

World Kayak is enlisting the videomaking talents of all manner of boaters from raw beginners to weekend warriors to hardcore whitewater addicts in an unprecedented effort to create the world’s largest video journal of paddlesports enthusiasts, their communities and rivers.

According to World Kayak chief, web guru, and kayaking evangelist James McBeath, World Kayak’s video outreach project is designed to be anotther fun way to build interest and enthusiasm in kayaking and get more people paddling.

The contest series starts with an improbable, yet seasonally appropriate, theme: hometown pool sessions. Boaters are encouraged to showcase their town and their friends through short videos of pool sessions. According to community video contest rules, submissions can be funny, serious, instructional, adventurous, murder mysteries, a documentary on nose plugs, Shakespearean sonnet or rock show – anything that’s entertaining.

One lucky winner will win a box of swag with a list of goodies that reads like the 12 Days of Christmas including sunglasses and hats from Smith, Jackson Kayak t-shirts and instructional videos, Mion footwear, magazine subscriptions, and a custom blogspot for the winner’s community at

Winners will be selected via a panel of carefully selected judges who will be looking for videos that show community, show active lifestyle, show fun-loving individuals and some moves. “The overall WOW factor is what we’re looking for, but the community spirit has to be there,” McBeath said.

To enter, go to Deadline for entries to the pool session video competition is Feb. 1. All entries must be the right format for posting to or a similar video service. Boaters will be asked to provide the video/s URL/web address or the YouTube or other video hosting service embed code. World Kayak members can post to their own, easy-to-start-and-use blog at

Amateur videographers are also encouraged to start preparing for the “Your Favorite River” video competition that will launch next.

World Kayak is a grass roots initiative aimed at elevating the profile of whitewater kayaking and growing the sport. The initiative is anchored by a comprehensive website of news, info, and event coverage as well as a global network of on-the-ground/water kayaking ambassadors. World Kayak promotes events for kayakers of all ages and abilities. Following the successful launch in 2008 of the Hometown Throwdown Series, 2009 will see the addition of the Slalom Survivor Series and a Total Vertical Feet Contest. To find out more or get involved, visit