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X-Bike®, One Indoor Fitness Training Tool To Rule Them All

Trixter X-Bike®, One Indoor Fitness Training Tool To Rule Them All – Motocross/NASCAR/MotoGP

Trixter X-Bike®, One Indoor Fitness Training Tool To Rule Them All – Motocross/NASCAR/MotoGP

San Francisco, CA – Renowned motorsport athlete trainer Aldon Baker, holds a Championship in MotoGP with Nicky Hayden; multiple Supercross and Motocross Championships with legend Ricky Carmichael, who makes his much anticipated entry into NASCAR in 2008; and, Jamie McMurray, newest NASCAR rockstar driver for Roush Racing Team.

Baker’s indoor training equipment of choice is the Trixter, Total Body X-BIKE. Here’s why:

“The movement in handle bars give racers an upper body workout and core strengthening which is key to their respective sports,” says Baker. “I use the X-Bike with all my guys for high intensity indoor workouts and training that can’t be beat.”

“MOTOCROSS athletes need a lot of overall strength and endurance training,” says Baker. “Leg strength is important and core strength is crucial because it’s the connection between the legs and the upper body. Conditioning your back and posterior are also important. The X-Bike provides athletes with a full body workout.”

“SUPERCROSS athletes need shorter periods of intensity but at a higher rate and the X-Bike allows me to easily structure a workout around that. It allows total control over the intensity and consistency of a workout”

“NASCAR athletes need cardio training, arms, shoulder and core strengthening. That’s what we use the X-Bike for. Athletes are seated for super long periods of time and a considerable amount of concentration and focus are needed. Athletes who are physically and mentally fit are going to make better decisions.”

“I’ve been using the Trixter X-Bike for indoor training and pre-race warm-up for the last two seasons,” says Nicky Hayden, Champion Moto GP. “It really gets my whole body and mind ready to handle the effects of racing at such high speeds.”

“The X-Bike is what all the guys have at the tracks and in their trailers for warm-up, onsite training and crowd control,” says Baker. Crowd control? “Yeah, the NASCAR guys can hardly leave their Motor homes, their fans won’t let them move. And for someone like Nicky, he can’t go outside to train or do anything when at the racetrack or he’ll get mobbed. The X-Bike allows these guys to do their focused pre-race warm up inside their motor homes undisturbed and undetected.”

Engineers behind the X-Bike didn’t intentionally incorporate the crowd control factor into the design. Stores easily and it’s mobile, yes.. Crowd control, well, OK… Works for us.

Aldon uses the X-Bike for high intensity indoor training. We like to call it highly efficient training, or better yet, a highly efficient and engaging exercise experience.

The X-Bike is the only indoor cycle that allows the rider to functionally engage their upper body and core musculature while the legs do the pedaling. The exercise offers enhanced total body fitness benefits while brining the natural movements of outdoors cycling indoors.

Pamela Heisey
Trixter North America