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Zamst Sponsored Stephen Curry Named NBA MVP


Zamst Sponsored Stephen Curry Named NBA MVP

Irvine, CA – May 11th, 2015 – – Stephen Curry, point guard for the Golden State Warriors, was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player on Monday, May 4th, becoming the second Warrior ever to win the award. The 27-year old MVP missed 40 games during the 2011-2012 season due to several ankle injuries which led to ankle surgery, and has since been supported by his ankle brace sponsor, Zamst, who will continue to support Curry throughout 2016.

After undergoing surgery in 2011 and conducting a thorough search for the best ankle brace that would help prevent him from another stint of chronic injury, Curry settled on Zamst, an Irvine, CA based company with a Japanese heritage in the medical field of over 20 years. Since then, Curry has been wearing the Zamst A2-DX to support his ability to stay on the court. The A2-DX ankle brace is constructed with unique EXO-Grid rigid guards to restrict both inversion and eversion sprains, and feature X-straps to provide enhanced anterior, lateral and medial stability of the ankle. With a rear entry design, the brace also offers an individualized fit for an anatomically correct right and left design. When Curry’s unprotected left ankle began to repeatedly sprain, the MVP adopted wearing Zamst A2-DX braces on both ankles. Prior to using Zamst, Curry’s ankle injuries were so frequent that recently headlined a story describing him as “the taffy-ankled weakling” who went on the become “the most entertaining MVP ever.”

“I’ve used a lot of different braces to help reinforce my right ankle, but since my surgery I have only been wearing the Zamst A2-DX, and it has provided the support I need to keep me on the court,” said Curry. “The ZAMST A2-DX is the only product that has given me the full confidence to play without the fear of re-injuring my ankle.

Curry culminated his 2014 season by being named to his first All Star Team, and starting at point guard for the Western Conference team. This All Star selection, alongside setting the single season NBA record with 272 three pointers in 2013, has clearly established Curry as one of the elite shooters in NBA history. In addition to these achievements, he was once again selected to the 2014 Men’s USA Basketball team.

“We knew that by keeping Stephen healthy, he would dominate on the court,” said Bryan Smeltzer, General Manager of ZAMST US. “ We are proud to have played a role in Stephen’s resurgence that has now culminated in a new deserved MVP award. Our performance driven product was founded to help players stabilize their injury and provide the mental confidence to play without limitations. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Stephen in the future.”

ZAMST is a market leading brand of sports protective equipment, and used by professionals athletes worldwide. ZAMST offers a full line of premium injury prevention and protection sports bracing and supports products, featuring anatomically correct designs, high performance materials and superior construction. ZAMST is a division of the NIPPON SIGMAX Co., Ltd (Tokyo, JAPAN) with privately-held, wholly owned subsidiary corporations, SIGMAX AMERICA (Irvine, CALIFORNIA), SIGMAX EUROPE (Annecy, FRANCE) and SIGMAX CHINA (Shanghai, PRC). For more information, call toll free 877-ZAMST-US (877-926-7887) or visit