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Zamst Supports Female Team Led by Everest Mountaineer Melissa Arnot for 50 Peaks Challenge in 50 Days


Zamst, a global leader in high-performance sports prevention and protective equipment, sponsors two women who seek to summit all 50 US high points in 50 days

Irvine, CA, June 29, 2016 – Melissa Arnot, 6x Everest summiter and first American woman to ascend Everest without supplemental oxygen, commences her next adventure alongside college senior and guide in training, Maddie Miller, as the duo seek to become the first female team to summit the highest peaks in all 50 states within 50 days.

Melissa is no stranger to challenges, evidenced by the two world records she broke on May 23rd, as she became the first American woman to summit Everest without supplemental oxygen, as well as the first American woman to summit Everest 6 times (breaking her own record of 5 summits). The Fifty Peaks Challenge officially began on June 27th, when Miller reached the summit of Denali in Alaska, and was supported and mentored by Arnot, who was finalizing plans and logistics for the rest of the 49 climbs. The women then jumped a plane to Florida where a crew met them with the necessary gear to complete the tour of the highest points in each mainland state. The two aim to complete the adventure with a final flight to Hawaii.

Zamst has supported Melissa in her alpine endeavors since 2013 when she injured her knee. Melissa has used the ZK-7 knee support and the AT-1 ankle support to stay healthy as she trains for intense mountaineering excursions with long runs, intense gym workouts and multi-day hikes. “The team at Zamst is proud to do our part to make Melissa and Maddie’s adventure possible,” says Bryan Smeltzer, General Manager for Zamst US. “Melissa is family to us. It gives us satisfaction to have helped her set world records by providing support to keep her body injury free. We are inspired by her accomplishments and humility and look forward to cheering her and Maddie on peak by peak.”

Melissa will be using the LC-1, the JK-1 Knee Band and the award-winning Filmista products from Zamst to provide support and help prevent injury during the Fifty Peaks Challenge of endurance, logistics, and mental fortitude. The Filmista flyweight ankle support, an innovation in technology, will be available to the public on July 1. “I feel fortunate to have the most supportive and generous sponsors, who have played such a big part on this journey. I’ve come to rely on Zamst products and the team behind them,” says Arnot.

Zamst invites the public to rally behind this dynamic duo of female athletes and follow Melissa and Maddie’s adventure here. You can also learn more about Arnot uses Zamst on this video:

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