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Zuke’s® Introduces New, All-Natural Supers line in Three Flavors

Zuke’s® expands its line of all-natural, made in the USA pet treats with the introduction of Supers—Zuke’s first semi-moist, antioxidant and nutrient-rich superfood treats.

Durango, Colo.Zuke’s® expands its line of all-natural, made in the USA pet treats with the introduction of Supers—Zuke’s first semi-moist, antioxidant and nutrient-rich superfood treats. The Supers line will present Zuke’s new packaging and will debut in retailers nationwide immediately.

Supers nourishes your dog the way nature intended by delivering a healthy mix of nutritious ingredients and antioxidants in three great tasting ‘Super-health-alicious’ flavors: Super Berries, Super Betas and Super Greens. From antioxidant-rich berries to robust beta-carotenes and wholesome veggies, each flavor represents a different class of the most powerful superfoods.

Superfoods, rich in essential nutrients and anti-oxidants, are key to the Supers line as they are important for long-term canine health, just as they are for human health and immunity. Just like human cells, canine cells produce damaging free radicals as a by-product of oxygen use. Dietary antioxidants found in several superfoods combat free radicals, helping to protect against heart disease, cancer, eye problems and other serious health complications.

“Superfoods pack a lot of punch,” says Zuke’s Founder, Patrick Meiering. “They are loaded with beneficial nutrients proven to prevent diseases and support longevity. Our Supers line reflects the latest in animal nutrition and supports our overall commitment to producing the most delicious and healthy treats for your pets.”

Free of corn, wheat or soy (like all other Zuke’s products), Supers also boast low gluten content for gluten-sensitive dogs. This ultra healthy treat depicts the new Supers packaging, which shows “Soaring Zuke” playing ball near Mt. Rainer and Lake Washington outside of Seattle. All of Zuke’s new packaging illustrates the company’s namesake, Zuke the Chocolate Lab, actively playing in a different dog-friendly outdoor destination across the nation.

“Zuke’s new packaging purely encapsulates our company’s culture inspired by Zuke, as well as our commitment to leading a healthy and active lifestyle with pets,” said Meiering. “As we embark on our 17th anniversary in 2012 here at Zuke’s, we are proud to remain so connected to our roots and share this passion with our customers.”

Zuke’s™ encourages all pet owners to lead a healthy, active and devoted life with their pets. In support of this mission, a portion of every Zuke’s sale goes to The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund™.

Available in six-ounce pouches this spring, Supers will bring lively colors to Zuke’s new merchandising presentation, and retail for $6.99. For more information about Zuke’s please visit,

About Zuke’s:

Located in Durango, Colorado and named after founder Patrick Meiering’s loving Labrador Retriever, Zuke’s knows firsthand the value of playing in the outdoors with dogs and cats. To that end, Zuke’s is dedicated to creating natural, tasty treats and chews that meet the unique nutritional needs of dogs and cats as well as nourish an active, healthy lifestyle. For over 16 years, Zuke’s products have included the finest meats, premium grains, freshest fruits, richest vegetables and oils which keep pets healthy and allow them to perform at their very best. Committed to continuous product innovation and keeping current with the latest developments in health for dogs and cats, Zuke’s is a leader in creating unique and functional product offerings. Whether you are hiking with your dog or entertaining your feisty cat, we understand and honor the unconditional love between people and their pets. In memory of his companion, Meiering founded The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund ( and donates a portion of Zuke’s sales to it annually. Learn more about Zuke’s by liking us onFacebook or following us on Twitter @ZukesPets.

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