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Zuke’s Sponsors Dog Athletes

CSR initiatives includes athlete support, of the furry kind.

Durango, Colo., (July 26, 2010) – Zuke’s, a leader in performance-driven, all natural pet treats, has several great components of it’s triple bottom line focus, including sponsoring dog’s athletic endeavors. 

In March 2010, Zuke’s shared their corporate social responsibility report, which contains details around their environmental stewardship, their community involvements and their charitable support. One intriguing component of their CSR initiatives includes their sponsorship of dog athletes, from Frisbee teams to search and rescue dogs to outdoor tour guides.

“Our company’s roots lie within the outdoors and around the concept of dog athletes,” said Patrick Meiering, founder of Zuke’s. “We got our start in my garage in 1995 when I started creating my own version of today’s Power Bones with a hand mixer. I was inspired to create all natural, performance-driven treats that would support my dog’s energy and body function on the trails after a long day of hiking. Our energy- and nutrient-rich snacks provide dogs with the right punch of energy to support their vitality during training and competition. “

Zuke’s currently sponsors a dozen or so dog athletes and teams, including the Flying Houndz Frisbee Team and the La Plata County Search and Rescue Team.

Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog Show is a high-flying, action packed, thrilling show providing fun, family entertainment for a wide variety of venues. Many of the dogs are rescues, and they are featured in professionally choreographed shows with world-class trick Frisbee dogs, presented by professional entertainers.

“Our dog family have been proudly sponsored by Zuke’s for four years and we are grateful to be part of a company that represents quality ingredients in their products, a genuine care for animals and the community along with owners and a staff that are sincere in their quest,” said Jeff Wright, founder of Flying Houndz Frisbee Trick Dog Show. “Our relationship with Zuke’s has allowed us to reach people and their canines by letting us share the importance of good, healthy treats with wholesome ingredients.”

You can find out more about the Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog Show and their tour by visiting Catch them performing at schools, festivals, women and men NBA and college halftime shows.

Also, for the past year, Zuke’s has been sponsoring the La Plata County Search and Rescue Canine Team is an all volunteer group of dogs and handlers who assist in locating lost persons on wilderness search and rescue missions.

“Search and rescue dogs are called upon to search for hours in difficult terrain, which requires a tremendous amount of energy,” said the La Plata County Search and Rescue Team Leader, Katie Steelman. “The Zuke’s treats provide a healthy source of energy during trainings and missions, and the dogs love them. Since our team is self funded, the handlers appreciate the treats almost as much as the dogs!”

For more information about La Plata County Search and Rescue, visit

Zuke’s is a great choice for supporting pets’ active lifestyles and is committed to using the finest ingredients and avoiding all those unnecessary additives and preservatives. Zuke’s meats, grains, fruits and veggies are sourced in the USA, with the exception of lamb and venison, which come from New Zealand. In Zuke’s treats you’ll never find any harsh preservatives like BHA, added animal fat or tallow, nasty by–products or artificial colors or flavors or low-cost fillers like wheat and corn.

To learn more about Zuke’s and their CSR, please visit their social media release site at You may also download their full CSR report by clicking here.

About Zuke’s™

Zuke’s was founded in 1995 on the realization that pets need healthy, all–natural treats, just as much as people do. Named after the founder, Patrick Meiering’s loving chocolate Llab, the company is dedicated to creating tasty, healthful treats and chews that meet the unique nutritional needs of dogs and cats to keep them performing at their best. Zuke’s also supports a non-profit started by Meiering in memory of his companion. Each year, the company donates a portion of its profits to the Dog and Cat Cancer Fund in memory of Zuke. Visit them online at

Since 2001 Zuke’s has been headquartered in Durango, Colo. and was chosen as one of the Top 50 Colorado Companies to Watch in 2009. Visit for more information.