Direct To Consumer

The direct to consumer (DTC) movement has become one of the central issues and hot button topics of the outdoor industry. Outdoor brands need to speak directly to their customers, but many companies have done so at the expense of the specialty outdoor brick-and-mortar retailers who have helped launch them, by violating their own MAP policies and enticing consumers to buy direct rather than visit their local shops.

SNEWS constantly covers this issue and highlights best practices that will allow brands to grow and brick-and-mortar outdoor shops to remain healthy and viable.

Our Outdoor Retailer Playbook and Outdoor Brand Playbook are two original series in which we deep dive into the direct-to-consumer issues that have become so central to our industry. In the Playbooks, we offer expert advice, case studies, tips, and best practices. 

“I’m selling my shop. Here’s why.”

Two and a half years after opening his unique, B-Corp certified mountain town shop, Travis Underwood, owner of Chopwood Mercantile, is considering getting out. With his big ideas on how to move the bar for specialty retail, was he too far ahead of his time? Here, he offers lessons learned and some ideas on how to revitalize retail.