The Mountaineer

The Mountaineer in Keene Valley, New York, is a heritage family-run outdoor shop.Courtesy The Mountaineer is a family-run outdoor specialty retail shop in Keene Valley, New York. The Mountaineer has been owned by the McClelland family since 1975. Shortly after graduating college with a Forestry degree, Vinny McClelland and his brothers under the supervision of their Marine Corps father, George McClelland, headed into the mountains, harvested the trees and had them milled to build the store. George, his four sons and some friends built the post and beam structure in the small hamlet of Keene Valley. 

After the store opened, Vinny headed north to Alaska and spent 12 years working and exploring. Family and Adirondack mountains lured him home to Keene Valley in the 90s where he took over management of The Mountaineer and raised a family. The shop is now owned by the four McClelland brothers and has prospered with Vinny at the helm.