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How to get your new product featured in Outside Business Journal 

Retailers look to Outside Business Journal to find the hottest products coming out next season. Think you have a good one? Submit your best new offerings to our award-winning trade publication.

In-person trade shows are hopefully on the horizon and we know you want to spread the word as far as you can about all the amazing new products coming down the pipeline for spring/summer 2022. 

Here’s your chance to reach retailers all around the country and the rest of the outdoor industry.

“OBJ50” (formerly known as The Voice 50) is our highly coveted, semiannual selection of the best new products the outdoor industry has to offer. We receive hundreds of submissions each season, cull out the fluff, then ask a panel of retailers and consumers to rank them according to how excited they are to get their hands on them. 

If you think your product has what it takes to make the cut, gather the details and photos, and fill out the form linked below. You can submit up to three products per brand, but only 50 will make our lineup, so choose your entries wisely. Remember, we get hundreds of submissions and our eyes glaze over with marketing jargon. If you want your product to stand out, craft your pitches with heart to pique our interest!

Submit your products here.

Products must be submitted by June 4, 2021. The magazine will drop in July.

Feel free to email Justin and Patrice at with any questions.