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The Voice: Read the Winter 2021 digital edition

Welcome to our special Sustainability Issue

In this issue of our award-winning magazine, we zero in on some of the major sustainability issues, challenges, and solutions facing the outdoor industry:

  • Does the industry make too much product, and if so, how can we stop?
  • The dirty banks undercutting outdoor companies’ environmental goals
  • Chasing the dream of endless recyclability
  • Bringing gear into the sharing economy through lending libraries
  • The small snowboard brands leading the way on green hardgoods design

We also dive into a range of other juicy subjects, including:

  • After decades of expansion, is REI about to face a reckoning?
  • 29 ways to make workplaces happier and more productive
  • The new outdoor retail concept from Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • The outdoor industry’s relationship with race
  • Behind the scenes in the nation’s OREC offices
  • Lessons from a year without trade shows
  • How to pull off a successful brand makeover
  • Does sponsored content payoff?
  • Should independent sales reps unionize?
  • OIA vs. SIA: Does the industry need two climate programs?

Last but not least, the issue also includes The Voice 50, our list of the most exciting new products of the season, as selected by industry pros.

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