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IHRSA 2013: Top Tweets of the show

IHRSA 2013 showgoers are giving their fingers a serious workout, judging by the number of (and enthusiasm in) their Tweets. Read on to see what all the buzz is about.

Tweets promoting IHRSA 2013, currently underway at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, were abundant this week.

The SNEWS team is keeping a watchful eye on the feed, and pulled for you some of the Tweets we’d thought you’d enjoy — from those highlighting people’s favorite aspects of the motivational speech by Life is Good’s Co-founder Bert Jacobs to those promoting new, cool workouts like Ocean Yoga, created by Surf Legend Laird Hamilton.

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Tom Durkin ‏@tdIHRSA
The @IHRSA app just got refreshed. Be sure to grab the latest update before heading to #IHRSA2013

Christine Thalwitz ‏@theGrapevine411
Bert Jacobs of Life is Good says optimism is the most powerful tool for success! #IHRSA2013

Bert Jacobs Takes the Stage at IHRSA 2013: “Not healthy to to focus on negative things

Octane Fitness ‏@octanefitness
Good morning from #IHRSA2013! We’re just a few hours form show opening and we can’t wait to see everyone. Come see us at booth 957!

Dr. Darian Parker ‏@doctordarian
Ecosystem video was impressive! #IHRSA2013 is off to another fast and excellent start!

Robert M Barnes ‏@robertmbarnes
if you have a friend who is obese you have a 45% greater chance of becoming obese. @NAChristakis

Rick Caro is awarded the IHRSA Lifetime Achievement Award at #IHRSA2013. Thank you Rick for your 40 year commitment to the industry!

Congratulations to @HOISTfitness IHRSA’s Associate Member of the Year! #IHRSA2013

Andre Agassi ‏@AndreAgassi
All coming together…Big day for @AgassiAndReyes!!!

Ocean Yoga ‏@OceanYoga_fit
Hey #IHRSA2013! Dont forget to join us in a workout tomorrow morning at 7am-every half hour until 9am. Booth 1848!

–Compiled by Ana Trujillo