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First Look: Fjällräven Tree-Kanken

Join us as we chat with Nathan Dopp, CEO Americas of Fjällräven, to talk about the latest update to their classic backpack line: The Tree-Kanken in this episode of First Look.

In this episode of First Look our Editor-in-Chief, Kristin Hostetter, sat down with Nathan Dopp to talk about Fjällräven’s new product, the Tree-Kanken backpack.

Some topics we cover:

  • The history of the Kanken line.
  • How the Tree-Kanken takes Fjällräven’s sustainability initiatives to the next level, and is actually made of Swedish trees.
  • Why Swedish design resonates with so many people.
  • How durability has become a fashion statement. The value of natural fibers in products, and the ways Fjällräven is working to reduce plastics in packaging.